Salon Systems LASHLIFT And BROW LIFT Sachets (10) Trio Pack


NEW Salon Systems LASHLIFT And BROW LIFT Sachets Trio Pack

Trio Kit Contains 1 x Lifting lotion Sachets (10), 1 x Fixing Lotion Sachets (10) and 1 x Boost Lotion Sachets (10)


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lash lift trio
Salon Systems LASHLIFT And BROW LIFT Sachets (10) Trio Pack


Salon Systems LASH LIFT And BROW LIFT Sachets Trio Pack (10)

A long lasting treatment that helps to open and emphasise the eyes by creating beautifully curled and lifted lashes.

Short straight lashes appear longer and darker, tired eyes appear more open and awake. Simply team up with a tint for instant definition

1 – LIFTING LOTION –?Lift Lotion enriched with collagen to gently soften and sculpt lashes and brows.

2 – FIXING LOTION – Lotion fixes lashes and brows to perfection.

3 – BOOST LOTION – Boost Lotion with collagen and keratin to plump, condition and protect lashes and brows.


Salon Systems LASH LIFT

Lashlift Step by Step Salon Systems LASH LIFT

  1. Remove all eye make-up with an oil-free eye make-up remover. Allow the lashes to dry completely.
  2. Protect lower lashes with a Marvelash Gel Patch.
  3. Select a curler. Affix the curler to the eyelid along the root of the lashes.
  4. Work from one corner in small sections. Apply a little adhesive and lift lashes from the root onto the curler placing the lashes to create the most attractive look for the client.
  5. Use a micro-applicator to apply a small amount of Lift Lotion to the lashes. Allow product to process 10-15 minutes.
  6. Use a dry cotton bud to remove any excess Lift Lotion. Then with a clean applicator, apply Fix Lotion over the top of any remaining Lift Lotion. Allow product to process 10-15 minutes.
  7. Leaving the curler in place, gently remove the solutions from the lashes with a clean cotton wool bud.
  8. Tint lashes at this point if required.
  9. Apply Boost Lotion to the lashes with a clean applicator and allow the solution to loosen the adhesive for a few minutes.
  10. With a damp cotton wool pad wipe over the lashes using an upward motion to remove the curler and excess glue.
  11. Finally wipe any traces of product from the lashes using a damp cotton wool pad, and comb through with a mascara wand.
  12. Protect and nourish lashes with Boost Lotion

Salon Systems?

Browlift ? Brow Lamination Step by Step

  1. Remove all make-up and cleanse the brows with an OIL FREE remover.
  2. Arrange brows with a lash comb/brush towards the desired finished position.
  3. Apply Lift Lotion to the brows gently using a cotton bud or sponge applicator. Avoid the surrounding skin.
  4. Allow the brow hair to process/soften 5-8 minutes depending on hair type. NB Check the softness of the hair after 5 minutes with a cotton bud or sponge applicator. If ready, the softened hair should move easily into the desired position.
  5. Once the hair is sufficiently softened, remove Lift Lotion with a dry pad encouraging the brow hairs into the direction desired.
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